16 . 02 . 2017

Vauxhall Cross


The huge gyratory road system that currently dominates Vauxhall is to be completely revised, and is designed to transform the area into a new town centre.



The busy interchange around the tube and train stations will become more conducive to consumers and businesses; new shops, bars and eateries have been moving to Vauxhall in recent years, sitting alongside existing outlets.


With thousands of people working in the area and additional homes being built, there is the potential for a new town centre to be established in the emerging high street.


All this change will be underpinned by transformation of the road system. As part of the major regeneration around Vauxhall and Nine Elms, Lambeth

Council and Transport for London are working together to turn the Vauxhall Cross gyratory into a civic space at the heart of a more connected town centre.


This will provide improved accessibility and connectivity between the river bus, rail, underground and local bus services. It will make the area easier to navigate and safer for workers, residents and visitors, particularly for those walking or cycling.


Plans will also be submitted this year for a new bus station and public spaces, with an aim to start construction in 2019, completing in 2021.